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Seeking New Vistas


I’m in the land of

adult relationship

containing it all


Both the shadow and

lightning to enflame the truth

I’m grateful to see.


If to die is right

I perish in dignity

death is not the end.


Sudden pathways to

choose in seeking new vistas

come as a surprise.


I thought

I loved

I eluded

I lied

I begged and bargained

I cried

I was loved (but something important was left out)

I cried some more because I see

and I go on.


My preferences

listed in an old journal

I add to it now


There is no one love

I know this to be the truth

I kind of just died.


I’m open

I’m ready

I’m belly up to the danger that lurks


I trust now

(even though it is a challenge.)

It’s time.