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Uncertain Benevolence?



If you’re acting with

uncertain benevolence,

it won’t be received.



Future decay



Snippet of the new,

snapshots of the possible.

All babies grow up.



I know the picture is not so great, but I was reminded of the temporary nature of youth while on a walk with my daughter. The new growth is so tender and light. On the same plant, there are dead leaves, and on the ground dead grass mixing with the new shoots. Ah, June.

Tightrope Between Dreams


plagued, knowing I am,

on the tightrope between dreams.



We have all taken this hard, the murder of my son’s best friend. Without going into details I will simply say that I hope justice is served. I try to stay positive, but this has hit too close to home. I usually work things out in my head through words and images. I hope I am not sounding too negative, I know it isn’t a pleasant subject, I am trying to simply live through it. My empathic feelings towards the mother who has lost her child leaves me cold. I am a mess.