Beloved Healing Arts



Photo credit: Elizabeth Bowie

When I started this blog, recording my creative pursuits, I was somehow forgetting that it is all connected. How I forgot, I don’t know. I teach and model creativity, but I was also born with the desire to help and heal other beings (human, animal, and others.)

I found the healing path way before I even thought about having children, when I was very young. I would usually connect to the divine through Tarot and creativity (like my poetry, stories and helping others with their pathworking)  I got into Reiki and bellydance when my son was a baby (I say them in the same sentence because they are both healing modalities)

I am intuitive, as we all are. I have developed my capacity to work with others through my art. Stop by and see how I can help you!

I was also connected with the Stone People, better known as crystals and stones. I recently became a Certified Crystal Healer through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and am actively practicing.

I could go on and on describing the different ways in which I am connected to healing, but I will instead link you here, this will explain more about what I do (and what I could offer you. There is also much more about me.

Come visit my other blog, I would love to chat and answer questions 🙂

I offer;  Creative Tarot Coaching, cutting the cords of attachments, crystal healing, Reiki, Intuitive Image Consultations. I can connect over the phone. Anytime you would like, reach out to me. I sincerely want to be of service.


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Above all, I acknowledge and bless you and hope to connect.


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