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Perish with the Setting Sun

Lilly of the light,

perish with the setting sun,

as the day grows old.


Buds resting in dark,

waiting for the rising sun

to awaken them.


Someone tell me how I can do this???!






Turn it all around,

you’re not helpless, just waiting,

for a different view.


Never mind the hurt,

pain is just another way,

to flip it around.





The Drinks are on ME!!



Just look at my face,

as you all tip your glasses,

the drinks are on me.


Celebration? no,

a continuation of,

the same old, same old.



Sometimes when this card shows up for me, it is literally a celebration, especially with this deck, since I read intuitively and many times base my readings from the main things that catch my eye each time.

I had this show up as a happy card the other day.

HOWEVER, going more by the traditional way this card is usually interpreted I would tend to notice his face. His aura looks like the black one of someone who has already decided that life is not worth living. This man just. doesn’t. care.

Apathy, depression, boredom, being taken advantage of (and perhaps allowing it.) That is what it is saying tonight.



Well?… WELL?????!





as abundant as choices.

Well, which will it be?


Hi Bloggers 🙂 Which choices are you putting off? Do you think that by not choosing and committing to your choice, you are missing opportunities? Sometimes just stepping off the cliff is making a choice, do you have faith?


Well?….. WELL???