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The face of…


This is the face of

mystery, a poker face

do you want to know?


One eye is sighted

the curtain of raven hair

concealing my… what?!

My rage? no, there’s none.

Just as it seems, a peaceful calm,

looking like death not quite warmed over. 


For the Love of Haiku

Sirens cause chaos,

calm indulgence in a swim,

conquers even dreams~



Oh, how I enjoy indulging in For the Love of Haiku, since I am a Haiku junkie. It started out with my youthful notebooks full of the fun yet structured poems…culminating in my eventual Tarot Haiku project and now I am just connecting poetry in general with my photos.

I humbly ask for your vote, please like this Haiku.

Humbly, I query,

if you like, please make it so,

you know I love you.


Creating Myself Daily

Blue Candle, magick, peace


as glassy as the morning sea.

collected and passive…

The lack of surging emotions allows the flame to settle.

Though the stirring air brings about change,

and perhaps the long wick causes the flame to move,

this flame is a constant one. It has yet to drip wax.

Give us this day,

our daily flame,

and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

In calm repose, I am able to maintain a center.

I tap into my tap root.

I am the Princess of Peace.

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I have MISSED you!!!!!!

I’ve been…


Floating and drifting

and lost without web access

except for my phone.


ONE  MONTH of nothing

except email, and Facebook,

no WordPress dot com 😦


My precious Macbook,

met with untimely ending.

but my data’s safe.


Floating on a Dell,

a PC lifeboat, until,

new  iMac comes home.