Archive | April 2012

I’m not broken




gazing through your eyes
Like scrying within my own.

I am not broken.


Paralyzed because I can’t choose.



His lips brush my cheek,

though I will not turn to him.

paralyzed by choice.


If I fail to choose,

and block out the noise inside,

I’ll be swept away.



Does it ruin the picture?



Look carefully now,

squint, you will see my image,

if you look with care.





I am writing this on the day of the full moon in April 2012. I can feel the energy pulsing and I hope I will be able to sleep tonight, sometimes the energy keeps me awake. If that happens tonight I have made a pact with myself to just get up instead of *trying* to sleep **”Do or do not, there is no try.” ~Yoda.** I believe I will just “do not.”


Is anyone else kept awake by the full moon?