Life (written by Brett Wells, the sweet boy who had his life taken at 16)


Life, I cannot stand to question it as if it’s an ever flowing cup.

The stars are countless as are my wrong doings, but through all of them you achieve an experience, a bitter taste of wisdom.

We are all measured with great expectations, wealth, and happiness, but life is far more greater.

Go outside, look up at the stars, and just ask yourself, has the beauty of what this Earth holds not succumb to your needs or happiness in life?

Life should be treated to the fullest and not through this greed, selfishness, and never achieving satisfaction. Wars, crusades, and murders are all pointless efforts on gaining anything when all it is, is taking a life, and life is really the true treasure.

Why do we choose items, hypothetical religion, and bloodshed to fight over? When we should be concerting together and treasuring this “life” and enjoying this Earth instead of destroying and eradicating it leaving it naked and salvaged.

Just think about it. It’s time for a change and to do so we must all change.




This was written by Brett Wells, 16 years old. My son’s best friend, the one standing in the middle. (My son is the boy on the right.) It was read at his Memorial Service where my son served as crucifer. He was killed over something insignificant, what a waste.


3 thoughts on “Life (written by Brett Wells, the sweet boy who had his life taken at 16)

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  2. My heart goes out to his family and friends. There are no words to express your loss. Just know that complete strangers feel your sorrow and pray for you. May God be with you.

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