Spark~ a Potential Light in the Dark

Hidden in the dark,

lies a path to discover,

but I need my flame.


Into the unknown,

it is time to venture forth,

inspiration strikes.


Creative fire,

has taken me by sheer force,

now to take action.



I am really into the Tarot, as a reader and teacher, and I am just inspired by the images and artwork. I view this card as the spark that initiates all things creative. It is the catalyst for change, when inspiration strikes out of nowhere. I am experiencing this lately.  I used to keep a blog that focused on a card a day, and in most cased a haiku. It stopped cold when my husband left me suddenly and my life was turned upside down. My intention here is not only to make a log of my world through the days, but hopefully to inspire others with my photography and poetry. Please check out my other blog. I have kind of moved things over to this one, but may resurrect that project, what do you think?


I love reading all the other blogs, and the words of others inspires me in my world. Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers, artists and writers out there. You make the world a more beautiful place.


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