My Intuitive Sun

it passes through me,

tingling up my strong spine,

intuitive fire.


If I ignore it,

it recedes to the background,

watching my struggle.



If I respect it,

it embraces my knowing,

and tells me what is.



The times when I ignored the quiet voice that is always there

were times I wish I could go back and change.

Though it is tiny, and hard to hear,

it is large, and encompasses everything.

Today I honor my intuition,

as is walks with me, through this uncertain life.



Each morning I post these poems, they are like an oracle for the day. I either reflect on the day before, or focus on the day ahead. It is healing to write daily. It is a practice that enriches me in so many ways and the ritual helps me to create a rhythm in my life (and schedule.) Thank you to everyone who is reading along. I realize some days are better than others, and (like today,) sometimes I struggle with the blank screen.


I either write for the photograph and let the image take me into my subject for the day, or I just move my pen. Usually when I let my pen move, and write without paying attention to the inner editor, it flows, and when I read the product, it does go with the photo.


Lately I have posted stark, wintry nature photos. I am really trying to get into the mood of the season, the invading cold that enters my bones. I am so happy and comfortable inside, writing while I am all wrapped up in a warm blanket, with my loved ones around. I feel lucky.







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