Anger’s Champion

anger fire

I was watching a candle today,

I could see the wick through the flame,

it’s molten tip slowly dying.

I stared so deep,

so hard, that my eyes still saw it,

even when they were closed.

Without sight, I could feel the heat,

flames licking my memory.

The tiny candle-tip grew in proportion to my pain.

Huge walls destroying the pretty candle.



I let a candle burn until it was spent,

until it was a cooling red shape,

spread across a plate.

I named the shape Anger,

put it in a place of honor, safe,

from those who say it is not good to ever be angry.

It is wrong to express anger in abusive ways,

but crucial to acknowledge that it lives, it will not be extinguished.

I am speaking out for the emotion Anger.

I am Anger’s champion.


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